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Advertising Budget - RM300 per month

Administrator Fees - RM100 per month

Monthly report will be email to you every month


We Run Effective PPC Campaigns

Based on the PPC strategy we feel is right for you, our team will set up your PPC campaigns to ensure they take full advantage of:

  • Ad groups
  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • Remarketing lists

We monitor, report, and optimize the ROI of every PPC campaign in near real-time with great accuracy. We also advise on the right mix of bid, ad copy, landing pages, and ad spend to generate the best bang for your buck. We’ll drive maximum traffic to your site at a budget you can afford.

Whats the plan?

  • We will going to do a keywords research. For starting, minimum 5 ads set will be created for get traffic to visit the website.
  • From time to time ads set may be decrease or increase based on how effective it
  • Website will install retargeting code by adwords for track visitor to become retargeting audience
  • Collected retarget audience will create as one group.
  • PPC ads will continuously run for looking for new prospect/audience
  • A multiple ads set will create to target specifically for this audience only. A combination images & text ads will attack this audience only
  • Retargeting campaign will have 20 sets of display ads with different sizes for each to cover all space for advertising (desktop and mobile)